how to Remove Spam E-mails Automatically on gmail

Today G-mail takes a prominent place in mailing service. This provides it’s latest feature frequently. One of its feature is removing spam mails automatically. Spam mails carry virus, therefore they enter our PCs efficiently. Most of the people don’t read such mails, they just delete or ignore it without opening.

For the ease of the user, this could be easily removed automatically by following the method,

step1 Log into your G-mail account, go to Gmail “Settings”.

step2 :Then click “Filter” window, select a “Create a new filter”.

step3 :In the appearing window, in the “Has the Words” box, type “in:spam”,

click on the “Create Filter with this Search ”, and click “Ok”.

step4 :Tick “Delete it” and tick “Also apply filter to 0 matching conversations” in the appearing window.

step5 :Then click “Create Filter

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